The Middle Class Wants More Government Help

The Middle Class Wants More Government Help

Many Americans believe that the government does not do enough to help the middle class, according to Pew Research Center.

However, there are 61% of respondents who believe the federal government is giving too much assistance to the wealthy. “Pew did not mention what help Washington should provide to the middle class, but the survey found that they were not happy with the federal government’s economic policy since the recent recession.”

The survey comes just as the 2016 presidential candidates seek to heal the middle class. “Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders argue that the federal government should do more by easing the cost of college and healthcare, and boosting paid family leave and minimum wage.”

The Republicans candidates however, want to assist the middle class by minimizing the role of the federal government. “They argue that reducing federal taxes and regulations will boost the economy and allow people to prosper.”

Many Americans see the GOP as the party for the wealthy, the survey found. The Democratic Party, on the other hand, are seen as supporters of the middle class and the poor. “But they don’t ignore the rich either.”

The views have changed little since 2011, Pew noted.

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