These Are The World’s Most Innovative Economies

These Are The World’s Most Innovative Economies

In the world of ideas, South Korea is king.

“German, Sweden, Japan and Switzerland were among the top five in the 2016 Bloomberg Innovation Index.” Although South Korea is the country that puts a lot resources towards developing new technology and produces its fair share of the world’s engineers, “they primarily focus on how the economy can get more bang for its buck.”

The world’s largest economy, the U.S., took No. 8 in the rankings. “The placement for the world’s second-largest economy, China, at No. 21 is reasonable, based upon the fact many believe their status as a developing country is “largely copied rather than created.”

In the global economy, the North-beats-South: Africa, with No. 46 Tunisia and No. 48 Morocco, are vaguely represented, while six of the top 10 economies are from Europe, and three from Asia.

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